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USDA – A Civil Rights and EEO Standout

Focus and Effort Yield Impressive Gains

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By: Bob Ragsdale

January 19, 2017 | EEO

An early adopter of MicroPact software, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has a well-deserved reputation for ensuring equity of opportunity for its employees. Yesterday the Federal Times published a  commentary on progress the USDA has made on the Civil Rights and EEO fronts in recent years.

Starting with ICOMPLAINTS in 2004, followed in 2007 with entellitrak Civil Rights and entellitrak Alternative Dispute Resolution solutions, the USDA has given itself every advantage in managing EEO related complaints and issues. The results as noted in the Federal Times are impressive. Here’s a sample:

  • Over the past eight years, EEO complaints at the agency are down 31%
  • Complaints from the Farm Service Agency are down 70%
  • The average acceptance or dismissal time of civil rights program complaints is down by 75%

When the agency first implemented entellitrak, Program Manager Maurice Thompson said, "The ability to take quick action is critical to resolving a complaint. If we can gather all the data involved in the complaint quickly, and make it accessible to everyone who needs to view it at the same time, we can often take action to resolve the complaint in mediation, before it becomes formal. That’s the optimal outcome, and the one we always hope to achieve.”

According to USDA Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Joe Leonard, Jr., complaints plummeted over the last eight years because the agency prioritized anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, diversity, and customer service training. A lot of work went into their efforts. While we can't take credit for the impressive progress USDA has made, we're thrilled to help facilitate and track it. It looks like it's time to update this case study.

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