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Use Case Management Software When You Need to See the Forest and the Trees

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By: Lisa Sigler

April 26, 2019 | Holidays and ObservancesCase Management/BPM

Does dealing with your case management data feel like you’re lost in a deep forest? Trees are top of mind today, which is National Arbor Day in the United States. Over a million trees were reportedly planted on the first Arbor Day, back in 1872, with more trees planted every year since. That’s an entire forest planted one tree at a time. Your case management data is similar—a collection of individual records and entries that make up a whole data set. Case management software can help you manage both. 

A Step by Step Process

Planting a new tree properly is an orderly process. According to treesaregood.org, the steps for planting include digging the right size hole, making sure the tree is in the hole straight and at the right height, filling the hole, and providing follow-up care.

That’s not all that different from administering public sector services. Agencies have to determine if individuals are eligible for services, make sure they have all of the information in the system that they need, track the provision of the services, and provide follow-up activities as necessary. Automated case management software streamlines all of those processes (and you don’t get your hands dirty).

Start Small and Watch It Grow

Implementing an agency-wide case management software solution is a worthy goal, but it can feel like planting an entire forest in a day. One way to approach it is to update one process or function at a time. Eventually, the different components of your system can be integrated so that you have a single source of data across all of the departments and services that you are responsible for.

Once you are using a single platform, you have the ability to do agency-wide reporting. Seeing the entire ecosystem will allow you to understand how individuals move through your programs, determine areas where your staff might need new training, and plan for improvements in your processes.

Adjust for the Specific Environment

While National Arbor Day is today, individual states celebrate the holiday on different dates, ranging from March to May. Why? Because those days work better for planting trees in the local climate. One-size-fits-all Arbor Day doesn’t make sense, and neither does one-size-fits-all case management software. While federal, state, and local agencies may have very similar needs, each agency has its own unique processes and workflows. An easily configurable software platform will make sure your case management processes take root and bear fruit.

If you want to celebrate Arbor Day in style, get tips from the Arbor Day Foundation. And if you’re more interested in updating your case management solutions, reach out today to begin discussing a free prototype of the MicroPact entellitrak® platform.

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Lisa Sigler is a Senior Content Marketer with MicroPact.