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What Can EEO Complaint Processing Teach Us About Citizen Experience?

A Lot, Actually.

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By: Whitney Emilo

April 6, 2017 | EEO

Recently two leaders from the U.S. Postal Service’s National EEO Investigative Services Office (NEEIOSO) took the stage at a Citizen Experience Summit hosted by Government Executive in Washington, DC. In recent years the media company has hosted several of these summits, which showcase agencies that are successfully boosting citizen satisfaction in the course of fulfilling their missions.

By inviting Postal Service HR Executive Manager Randy Caldwell and NEEOISO Manager Dino DeSorbo to speak, event moderator and Senior Technology Editor Frank Konkel asked the audience to broaden their definition of customer experience. The NEEOISO story is a shining example of internal customer service and shared services delivery, in this case around EEO complaint investigations and reporting.

Worst to First

Caldwell and DeSorbo related their “worst to first” story to about 200 attendees, explaining how the Postal Service went from having thousands of backlogged EEO complaints in 2003 to creating a centralized unit that today processes complaints for all 85 Postal Service EEO offices — and 29 other federal agencies. Caldwell vividly described the link between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction.

“We have 600,000 employees that deal directly with customers every day,” Caldwell said. “If you’re in a miserable environment and your supervisor treats you with disrespect, you’re not going to treat your customers well, either.”

Caldwell and DeSorbo are familiar faces to the many users of MicroPact’s ICOMPLAINTS EEO case management software for federal agencies. DeSorbo first told the NEEOISO story to the tightknit user community at the 2016 462 Symposium, MicroPact’s annual conference named for the detailed EEOC Form 462 Report that all federal agencies must submit. For more than a decade, ICOMPLAINTS has helped agencies meet complex EEOC requirements for case tracking, management, and reporting requirements.

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

ICOMPLAINTS processes around 15,000 informal complaints for NEEOISO each year, most of which arrive via a toll-free automated intake line. A trained counselor contacts the person filing the complaint within 24 hours of receipt. 

“If you do that, 60 – 70 percent of complaints go away,” said Caldwell. “Otherwise, you’d be surprised how a trivial comment can evolve into a formal complaint.”

In other words, don’t delay. That advice will last as long as a forever stamp.

To learn more, watch the video replay of their session, which begins at 1:45:00, or read the companion article by Konkel.

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