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What I Learned at the 462 Conference

Director of Customer Relations Tom Lowrey Shares Lessons Learned from the 462 Conference

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By: Tom Lowrey

September 24, 2012 | Events

First off I want to thank Jamie Price from the EEOC for attending and agreeing to be my wing man, our relationship I think is one of the biggest selling points of our session because we both can really feed off each other and remind each other of good talking points.

I hope that those that attended my session walked away with some high level knowledge of the 462, but I wanted to take a second and give you what I learned from the session(s).

#1 There's a Need for a Deeper Dive

There is a need for a deeper dive into the 462. It is clear that more people are comfortable with the report and MicroPact needs to provide a more comprehensive view of the report. So keep an eye out for that in the near future.

#2 An Enhanced Experience is Possible

There are areas that MicroPact can help enhance the experience regarding data on the report. It was really nice to hear how we can really make the report more powerful by showing users key tips and tricks within the application. 

#3 We Need a Session on Checking Our Work

Lastly I realized that with the basics session, Jamie and I were often talking about the “462 Checklist” which is the checks and balances within the report to make sure that the numbers make sense and balance.  So I think there is a definite need to have a session just regarding the different “checks” within the report.

#4 - Start with Last Year's Notes

The dialog amongst the participants was great at the end.  When I asked the room “Are there any tips and tricks you want to share amongst each other?” One attendee responded with “Yes Tom, I just wanted to let people know that every year before we go to put in our data, we first review the previous year's notes so that we are not making the same mistakes twice.”  I wish we could have captured my face because it was one of those moments where it seems so obvious but no one had ever said that in the Basics course before. And that little nugget will forever be shared.  There were others like that too, but that one was the blinding light of the obvious for me.

So again a quick thank you to all that attended the 462 Basics sessions and I really love that I could come out learning different things to make it better.  I look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

About the Author

Tom Lowrey was with MicroPact from 2001-2016. He most recently worked in Business Development.