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Why You Should Be Thankful for Case Management

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By: Lisa Sigler

November 26, 2019 | Holidays and ObservancesCase Management/BPM

Does your family list the things they are thankful for around the dinner table on Thanksgiving? It’s one of my favorite traditions. This year, I’m going to mention “case management” as something I’m thankful for. My family will no doubt give me strange looks, but I’m one of many U.S. citizens who have reason to be grateful for case management solutions this year.

Veterans will receive the benefits they’ve earned more efficiently thanks to case management systems.

Individual with disabilities will be able to have better opportunities in the workplace because the Puerto Rico Vocational Rehabilitation Administration has made an investment in case management.

Those living and working on Air Force bases will be safer because the United States Air Force is leveraging case management to provide law enforcement and criminal justice worldwide.

Children with delays and disabilities in Wisconsin are getting the services they need through the Children’s Program Intake Platform, built using case management technology.

People with chronic pain in Utah will be able to access medical cannabis using a case management system.

Local, state, tribal, and federal law enforcement agents have access to data that helps them solve cases faster thanks to case management solutions that are compliant with NIBRS, the National Incident Based Reporting System.

Government officials fighting the opioid crisis, from the Illinois Department of Public Health to local Pharmacy Boards, are all finding ways that case management can help.

And of course, all of us at MicroPact are grateful for case management, as it gives us the opportunity to support a wide range of government agencies.

Whatever your Thanksgiving day traditions, I encourage you to spend a moment of gratitude thinking about the public servants who work hard delivering services to citizens. And just maybe, you can spare a thankful thought for case management as well.

MicroPact, a division of Tyler Technologies, provides entellitrak, the only low-code application development platform for case management that is purpose-built for the public sector.

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