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CITO Research Report: How Data-First Development Overcomes Barriers to Creating Effective Applications

BPM systems are planned and designed around processes. However, that isn't the way people generally plan their work. This paper by CITO Research explores how a dynamic case management system that capitalizes on a Data-First approach has several advantages over BPM systems, including faster application development, broad user adoption and more.

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CITO Research Report: Search-Based, Natural-Language Analytics: Because That's How End-Users Think

Business moves quickly - Managers need real-time data in order to make business decisions. This is why the future of analytics lies in intuitive systems that embed analytics within applications. In this report, CITO Research examines entellitrak, which embeds data-discovery capabilities in case management and process-oriented applications.

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Complimentary Forrester Study: Is Process Mapping a Barrier to Innovation?

Process-driven automation and development approaches are no longer adequate for the needs of today's digital businesses. Download this recently commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of MicroPact to learn why dynamic case management calls for a Data-First approach.

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Case Management Modeling - Creating Systems of Engagement

Today's business landscape changes quickly and as such, organizations must be able to rapidly develop and deploy applications

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Case Management in the Enterprise

Case management is no longer viewed as a subset of BPM. Instead, as businesses strive to be more collaborative in their use of data, case management is increasingly viewed as a strategic tool across a wide range of business functions and vertical markets. Download this paper to learn why case management is becoming an increasingly important tool in today's work environment, as well as what to look for in an enterprise platform.

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What the Gartner Analysts Are Saying About Case Management and Application Development

Developing applications within case management environments can be a huge advantage for many types of organizations across business sectors. This paper explores findings from recent Gartner analyst coverage of Case Management and Application Development.

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What the Gartner Analysts Are Saying About Government Solutions and Interoperability

Budgets are being cut and pressure continues to mount for federal agencies to run leaner and meaner. This paper looks at Gartner analyst coverage of government's approach to developing secure and cost-effective solutions.

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Nuclear Regulatory Commission Background Investigations

MicroPact Global Alliance partner Chainbridge Solutions streamlined the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s onboarding process by implementing the entellitrak-based Personnel Security Adjudications Tracking System (PSATS).

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Appeals Case Management System

MicroPact and partner VIP replaced 22 separate systems for the California Department of Social Services State Hearings Division with entellitrak. ACMS is one of the most expansive projects of its kind in the nation. This transformation sets a new bar for how public sector organizations modernize their appeals operations.

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US Navy Case Study

icomplaints revolutionizes the way the Department of the Navy tracks complaints.


Alaska Division of Banking and Securities Case Study

With an economy and state general fund largely dependent on the oil extraction industry, when crude oil prices collapsed in 2014 the State of Alaska tasked every agency with delivering essential services with fewer resources.

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The EEO Excellence Software Suite

Whether you handle the entire EEO ecosystem or a single business process, the MicroPact EEO Excellence Software Suite includes solutions for you

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Personnel Security and Suitability Systems

A MicroPact Personnel Security and Suitability System streamlines background investigations and adjudications.


Health, Human Services, and Benefits

Learn how entellitrak solutions enable agencies to stay current with the complex, ever-evolving rules, regulations, and standards that drive public health programs.


Grievance Tracking

Learn how entellitrak solutions facilitate the complex rules and regulations that make end-to-end grievance tracking possible.


2019 Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (MESC)

Date: August 19-22 Location: Chicago, IL

MicroPact is pleased to be a sponsor and exhibitor at the annual Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (MESC).

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35th Annual NAMPI Conference

Date: August 25-28, 2019 Location: Atlanta, GA

MicroPact will be exhibiting at the annual NAMPI Conference.

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2019 HCBS Conference

Date: August 26-29 Location: Baltimore, MD

MicroPact is pleased to be exhibiting at the annual HCBS Conference.

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2019 IT Solutions Management (ISM) Conference

Date: September 22 – 25, 2019 Location: Milwaukee, WI

MicroPact is looking forward to exhibiting at the 51st IT Solutions Management (ISM) Annual Conference.

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Boosting Agility and Adoption: A Data-First Approach

Recorded at Integration Developer News’ Spring 2015 BPM-CON event, MicroPact VP Bob Ragsdale discusses how organizations can accelerate the prototyping process, improve overall agility, and drive user engagement and system adoption through a Data-First™ approach to application development.

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How Case Management Turns BPM on its Head

Recorded at Integration Developer News' Spring 2014 BPM-CON conference - the leading online conference for BPM and Case Management developers - MicroPact's Bob Ragsdale explores the Data-First™ approach to Case Management system development.

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Webinar Hosted By Forrester Analyst Craig Le Clair: Is Process Mapping a Barrier to Innovation?

Social media and mobile devices - as well as the sheer amount of information available online - are changing the way that customers and businesses interact. As a result, organizations across industries are reevaluating how their systems are designed in order to ensure that their interactions with customers achieve consistently positive outcomes. In this webinar, Craig Le Clair, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, examines why businesses are moving toward a data-centric approach to system design.

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