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CITO Research Report: How Data-First Development Overcomes Barriers to Creating Effective Applications

BPM systems are planned and designed around processes. However, that isn't the way people generally plan their work. This paper by CITO Research explores how a dynamic case management system that capitalizes on a Data-First approach has several advantages over BPM systems, including faster application development, broad user adoption and more.

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CITO Research Report: Search-Based, Natural-Language Analytics: Because That's How End-Users Think

Business moves quickly - Managers need real-time data in order to make business decisions. This is why the future of analytics lies in intuitive systems that embed analytics within applications. In this report, CITO Research examines entellitrak, which embeds data-discovery capabilities in case management and process-oriented applications.

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Complimentary Forrester Study: Is Process Mapping a Barrier to Innovation?

Process-driven automation and development approaches are no longer adequate for the needs of today's digital businesses. Download this recently commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of MicroPact to learn why dynamic case management calls for a Data-First approach.

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