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Boosting Agility and Adoption: A Data-First Approach

Recorded at Integration Developer News’ Spring 2015 BPM-CON event, MicroPact VP Bob Ragsdale discusses how organizations can accelerate the prototyping process, improve overall agility, and drive user engagement and system adoption through a Data-First™ approach to application development.

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How Case Management Turns BPM on its Head

Recorded at Integration Developer News' Spring 2014 BPM-CON conference - the leading online conference for BPM and Case Management developers - MicroPact's Bob Ragsdale explores the Data-First™ approach to Case Management system development.

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Webinar Hosted By Forrester Analyst Craig Le Clair: Is Process Mapping a Barrier to Innovation?

Social media and mobile devices - as well as the sheer amount of information available online - are changing the way that customers and businesses interact. As a result, organizations across industries are reevaluating how their systems are designed in order to ensure that their interactions with customers achieve consistently positive outcomes. In this webinar, Craig Le Clair, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, examines why businesses are moving toward a data-centric approach to system design.

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