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MicroPact’s EEO Excellence Software Suite Supports a Safe, Fair Workplace

The EEO complaints and compliance ecosystem is complex and interconnected, because the issues of workplace fairness, discrimination, and harassment are complex. To achieve true EEO excellence, you need software that is specifically designed to align with EEO requirements.

The EEO Excellence Software Suite Includes Both Turnkey and Enterprise Solutions, to Meet Your Agency’s Needs

Streamlines the management of harassment complaints, while protecting the anonymity of the complainant.

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Records all facets of a case including documentation, evaluations, disability findings, appeals, and accommodations provided.

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Processes and manages EEO claims for 462 Reporting. ETK EEO is the next generation of ICOMPLAINTS.

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Enables agencies to promote informal, flexible dispute resolution while keeping meticulous records and procedures.

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In recent years, many SDVAs have seen their mandates increase. They need to be able to track and report on all activity and offer a self-service portal to improve satisfaction.

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Connects employees, labor unions, and management to improve communication and meet regulatory and business requirements.

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MicroPact solutions process 90% of Federal EEO claims. Explore below to learn how we leverage our experience throughout the EEO ecosystem.


EEO Excellence Software Solution Overview

Get an overview of both the turnkey and enterprise solutions available to support your EEO process needs. Start with one and go from there.


MicroPact adds an Anti-Harassment Solution to Its Human Capital Management Suite

The new turnkey offering helps agencies manage harassment claims and investigations in order to ensure compliance and protect employees.


Sexual Harassment Claims Are Climbing. How Will Your Agency Respond?

With sexual harassment claims on the rise, it is critical that agencies have processes and systems in place to handle the increased volume.


Tap Hidden Talent With Reasonable Accommodation

Unsubstantiated myths prevent many employers from hiring persons with disabilities—and they miss out on much potential talent as a result.


Practical Advice About Workplace Sexual Harassment

What should you do if you are a victim, an employer, or a bystander when sexual harassment occurs in the workplace? Here are the basics.

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