CSX Case Study

The entellitrak Labor Relations Solution Centralizes Data and Saves Money

To track grievances filed by its union-represented employees, CSX was using an in-house system that was developed years ago. However, the system was inefficient: different aspects of the grievance process were stored and handled by different mainframes, and not all offices used the same system. Consequently, it was difficult to access information. The grievance tracking process had become frustrating and time-consuming.

After researching the benefits of upgrading the existing system versus implementing a new solution, CSX chose entellitrak’s Labor Relations software solution. Now, CSX is able to:

  • Track grievance data – including bargaining units and agreements – from beginning to end
  • Create required reports, including daily activity and status reports
  • Research and investigate claims

Download the case study to learn more about this flexible system that can be adapted to any company or agency workflow or process model.

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