United States Department of Labor: Appeals Case Study

Uniting Appeals Systems for the DOL

The staff of the Office of the Clerk of the Appellate Boards (OCAB) at the Department of Labor plays a critical role in processing as many as 5,000 individual appeals relating to administrative review and employee relations each year. In order to do their work, the OCAB needed to access three independent proprietary systems simultaneously. One was based on Lotus Notes, along with two other legacy systems that were nearing the end their useful lifecycle.

To further complicate matters, the applications could not run concurrently on a single computer nor could they be accessed remotely. As a result, staff members were forced to be in the office at their desks in order to get keep up with the constant case load.

The Office of the Clerk chose entellitrak, an enterprise case management and business process management (BPM) platform. With entellitrak, the Boards were able to:

  • Unify the functionality of their multiple applications and docketing systems
  • Allow for remote access
  • Process appeals more efficiently

Download the case study to learn more about how entellitrak helped streamline work at the Department of Labor.

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