Enterprise Capabilities: Solutions for Academic Medicine

Flexible to Unique Environments. Exacting for Accurate Management.

Medical schools and teaching hospitals are unique, facing challenges that no other organizations grapple with. Like any major hospital they require proven software solutions to manage their diverse workforces and meet their Human Capital Management (HCM) mandates. Like any well run teaching institution they must eliminate the inefficiencies of disconnected and outdated systems in order to provide an exceptional learning experience. But unlike other organizations they must accomplish these goals while interlacing additional research, clinical care, and social accountability objectives — all on an enterprise scale. Traditional off-the-shelf software solutions are not designed to address the needs of academic medical institutions in these crossover areas.

Major Solutions for Academic Medical Environments

  • Resident Management
  • Teacher Tracking and Payment (TTP)
  • Human Resources
  • Labor Relations
  • Background Investigations
  • Civil Rights (Human Rights)

Download the Data Sheet

Download the Data Sheet