Take Control of EEO Claims

Compliance with federal Equal Employment Opportunity law is a must. However, the complex steps surrounding reporting, documentation, and follow-up can quickly create bottlenecks.

Accelerate EEO Compliance

What previously took months can be easily completed in just weeks — when you have ETK EEO, the industry-leading solution for EEO compliance.

Developed specifically to manage the EEO process, ETK EEO includes a number of critical features required by government agencies and departments for tracking and managing complaints and cases – from inputting, processing, tracking, and managing, to analyzing and reporting on complaint case – all with ‘point and click’ ease.

Web-based Software Tailored to EEO Casework

  • Role-based dashboards for managing work and viewing essential information at a glance
  • A secure portal for complainants to submit information and track case status
  • Powerful search and reporting with results that can be saved and shared
  • Automated alerts — both internal and external —throughout the EEO complaint process

Transformational Technology and Expertise

ETK EEO supports even the largest organizations effortlessly — it combines decades of EEO expertise with the transformational power of entellitrak®, MicroPact’s low-code application development platform for case management.

With best practices, business rules, and terminology built right in, organizations can easily and affordably comply with the many rules and regulations that guide the EEO complaint process. The Section 508-compliant software is hosted in the cloud, so it’s always up to date — no hardware to buy, no software to maintain.

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