Legal Systems: General Counsel Case Study

Strict Oversight, Distributed Access and Ongoing Flexibility

The legal affairs office of a large federal agency needed to improve how its staff handled an ever-growing case load of legal matters. At any given time, the office must be able to process and respond to more than 35,000 matters, with a staff of 500 (including 160 attorneys) spread across multiple regions.

Originally, the office used an ad-hoc system of spreadsheets and paper files to manage this workload. It had become clear that it needed a unified case management solution that would facilitate secure remote access while reducing the time spent on each legal matter.

The legal office chose entellitrak, an enterprise-level dynamic case management platform. Now managers have the ability to:

  • Track cases from any office location
  • View the caseloads of attorneys and make adjustments as appropriate
  • Leverage data to shuffle resources and ensure nothing falls through the cracks

Download the case study to learn how this legal office streamlined and improved operations with entellitrak, as well as how MicroPact is working with the agency to deploy advanced analytics capabilities in support of its mission.

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