U.S. Navy Case Study

Reducing EEO Complaint Response Times From Weeks to Days

The Department of the Navy has 58 offices that process complaints for its 185,000+ civilian workforce. Keeping track of the mountains of data — from pre-complaint to formal complaint to resolution — was a time-consuming, tedious process until the Navy purchased ICOMPLAINTS by MicroPact in 2002.

"MicroPact and ICOMPLAINTS have revolutionized the entire way we track and process complaints," explains Jaime Kajouras, Department Program Director, Office of EEO and Diversity Management for the Department of the Navy. "We have all the information we need right at our fingertips, so we're able to easily track every aspect of the pre-complaint and formal complaint process."

With ICOMPLAINTS, EEO professionals are able to:

Respond to initial complaints within 24-48 hours
Report on performance data at any time
Accurately complete and submit the annual Form 462 Report

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