What the Gartner Analysts Are Saying About Case Management and Application Development

Insights on Case Management from Gartner Research

In today’s environment, businesses need to respond quickly to changing market conditions. Dynamic case management systems are based on a model-driven approach, and are therefore easy to change so businesses can adapt on the fly.

This paper explores selected Gartner analyst insights surrounding case management and application development. It provides system architects, project managers and IT leaders with information on the advantages of case management systems. Read this complimentary report to learn:

  • What the Gartner recommended best practices are for organizations that engage in Opportunistic Application Development (or "on the fly" application development)
  • What businesses stand to gain by employing case management frameworks
  • The market penetration and the projected outlook for adaptive case management
  • The projected growth in the Platform as a Service (PaaS) market – and why

Download the free report to learn more about the specific advantages of implementing a dynamic case management system.

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