Ontario Accessibility Plan


MicroPact Global Inc. strives to meet and surpass the needs of its team members and customers with disabilities. We are working diligently to remove or prevent barriers to accessibility.

Our organization is committed to fulfilling our requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. Our Accessibility plan outlines the steps MicroPact will take to meet requirements and to improve experiences of people with disabilities.

Our plan shows how MicroPact is dedicated to making our workplace compliant to Ontarios Accessibility guidelines.

Section I: Past steps taken to prevent or remove barriers:

  • We created a customer service plan.
  • Our contact team members (Norlan Roberts and Mala Latchman) were trained.
  • We moved to a building with wheelchair accessibility.

Customer Service:

MicroPact remains compliant with the Customer Service Standard. Our organization has an Accessibility Feedback process that is in place. Team members and customers are able to provide feedback in-person, by email, or by phone. Our team member contacts have been trained on Accessibility and are equipped to assist people with disabilities.

Information and Communications:

MicroPact continues to communicate with people with disabilities using accommodation methods that are tailored to each individual. When requested, we have provided information about our organization and our services in accessible formats.


MicroPact has notified team members, potential team members and the public that accommodations are available during the recruitment and hiring process. The following statement is included on all postings:” All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, protected veteran status, or disability”. MicroPact will also notify applicants when selected to participate in an assessment or selection process that accommodations are available upon request. If an applicant requests an accommodation, we will consult with the applicant and arrange to provide a suitable accommodation that meets the applicant’s accessibility needs.

Section II: Action Plan to remove or prevent newly identified barriers

Barriers and Actions

  1. The door to our suites do not have the automatic button. We will have our doors replaced to with automatic doors that will allow easy accessibility to our office (requires someone to hold door now). Our plan is to work on this and have doors automated by December 2020.
  2. The building we are leasing our office space in does not provide handicap accessible restrooms. We have reached out to the property management concerning handicap friendly facilities. Property management has advised that it would be a hardship to create handicap restrooms on each floor but plan on getting handicap restrooms on the main floor (1st floor). We expect this to be done by December 2020.