Court Management

Facilitating the Orderly Administration of the Court

There is no limit to the number of ways to configure a MicroPact court solution

None. Because no two courts are the same, or operate in an identical manner.

Serving the Needs of the Court

With many of our team members having begun their careers in court administration, the products and delivery solutions of the MicroPact Court Management Application Suite are based on real-world experience. 

Your MicroPact Court Management Team

Lynn GriffiesDirector of Operations

Lynn Griffies

Lynn Griffies has 21 years’ experience with Clerks of Superior Court and technology for court systems, including three years as Deputy Clerk for the Coweta County Superior Court in Georgia. Since joining MicroPact in 2000, she has mastered all aspects of the court management software development, implementation, and customer satisfaction. In her current role, she monitors legislation to ensure ongoing enhancements enable clerks to fulfill their statutory obligations. Lynn works closely with the Georgia Superior Court Clerks’ Cooperative Authority and the Council of Superior Court Clerks, and is an active member of the Property Records Industry Association.  

Lisa BunkleyCustomer Support and Installation Manager

Lisa Bunkley

Lisa Bunkley is a former Deputy Clerk for the Richmond County Clerk of Superior Court and Liberty County Clerk of Superior Court in Georgia. As customer support and installation manager since 2001, she manages implementations and training for new customers while also supporting current customers. Lisa has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Saint Leo University. She serves on the advisory board for the United Way of the Coast Empire-Bryan County.

Sonia HolmesSupport Team Lead

Sonia Holmes

Sonia Holmes, Support Team Lead since 2002, is a former deputy clerk for McIntosh County Clerk of Superior Court and Liberty County Clerk of Superior Court.

A Modular Approach to Court Case Management

Each court has its own unique composition, approach to administration, and related procedures. That is why MicroPact’s Court Management Applications Suite takes a modular approach – it gives your organization the ability to configure a solution tailored to your exact requirements. With an integrated accounting system at the center, applications can be tied together to efficiently manage a complex unified judicial system. A secure public portal enables courts to accept online filings and payments, and legal professionals and citizens to search all civil and criminal public records.

Court Management Software Applications

  • Integrated Accounting System — Provides a centralized repository for all collections and disbursements required by state legislation, for all levels and types of courts, as well as real estate record transactions
  • Superior, State, and Juvenile Court Case Management — Enables clerks to manage all aspects of court administration across multiple courts
  • Magistrate Court Case Management — Handles online filing and payments; on-demand warrant issuance; bond, notice, and subpoena creation; and generation of hearing schedules, calendars, and proceedings
  • Probate Court Case Management — Includes powerful document management features for producing, scanning, retrieving, indexing, tracking and reporting on the range of records and forms handled by probate courts
  • Traffic Management — Imports tickets from local law enforcement traffic ticketing software, automatically calculates fees, processes online payment, and reports to other agencies
  • Jury Management — Streamlines random source list generation and renewals; barcoded juror qualification, summoning, and check-in; and payment for service
  • Board of Equalization — Digitally prepares property tax appeal case files, generates hearing schedules, and tracks board member activity and payments
  • Land Records Management — Enables recording offices to scan, import, stamp, and index documents and images, then make records  immediately available via a public web portal

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