Disability Case Manager

Case Management Software for the Nation's Largest Disability Programs

Capitalize on Decades of Disability Benefits Software Delivery

Now on entellitrak, the next generation of Disability Case Manager (NextGen DCM) is the only available commercial-off-the-shelf product capable of fully satisfying SSA’s disability case processing requirements — and satisfying each DDS location’s unique needs.

NextGen DCM Is Here

Upgrade Release 1 of NextGen DCM is complete and ready to install. It offers current DCM license holders the following familiar capabilities – on a far more flexible platform and with a friendly, intuitive interface: 

  • Case Receipt
  • Case Assignment
  • Case Control Dashboard
  • Work Requests
  • Data Synchronization and Conversions
  • SSA Interfaces

With configurable workflow, business rules, security models, and system management preferences, NextGen DCM can be easily adapted to satisfy your DDS location’s specific processes. Upgrade Release 1 integrates seamlessly with your current DCM solution to ensure real-time synchronization of claim information and claim process status throughout the in-place upgrade and migration.

To ask a question or sign up for regular updates on future releases, contact Chuck Barthlow, Vice President, Disability Case Management.

Disability Case Management Data Sheet

Learn how 3.8 million cases per year are processed with MicroPact's Disability Case Management software.

Ready-to-Use COTS Software

87% of disability determination agencies in the United States use MicroPact’s Disability Case Manager software to process disability claims, including the nation's fourth largest federally funded entitlement program.

MicroPact’s Disability Case Manager is a commercial off the shelf (COTS) application specifically designed to address the high complexity and volume of cases handled by disability benefits programs and entitlement programs. Its architecture enables each agency to interpret policy changes and set rules, thresholds, and workflows to meet evolving needs. Pre-built interfaces with the Social Security Administration (SSA) as well as other state organizations ensure compliance with their data transmission requirements while reducing errors and rework. 

  • Supports wide process variability across disability benefits programs
  • Conforms to both SSA and non-SSA workloads
  • Provides management reports to measure productivity and program integrity


Modeled for Disability Case Management

Disability Case Manager comes with a full array of pre-configured processes and workflows tailored for disability benefits management. New ones can be added, and each can be further configured to meet your unique needs.

The platform contains configurable components such as business rule processing, data models, security models, and system management preferences. These components enable system administrators to assign role-based security levels. Elements can then be combined to drive each step in various processes. 

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