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Document Management, Mobile, Analytics, and More

entellitrak modules are completely integrated, full-featured solutions — not add-ons or afterthoughts. They provide advanced enterprise capabilities so users can make the most your organization's data, wherever they are.

Document Management Module

Manage Structured and Unstructured Data

The Document Management module provides an integrated environment for the management of unstructured data (documents and multimedia) alongside structured data (records), with repositories configured to match your organizational structure, workflows, and systems.

Users can store, retrieve, and preview documents, presentations, and spreadsheets as well as images, video, and audio. Most files can be viewed, marked up, and annotated directly within the module without having to open their native applications.

  • Collaborative markup and versioning
  • Automatic indexing for full-text search
  • Role-based security through entellitrak

Data Sheet

entellitrak Document Management Module Data Sheet

The entellitrak document management module is an advanced enterprise document management software platform that delivers a single, seamless, integrated environment for the management of unstructured data (documents) right alongside entellitrak’s structured data (records).

Mobile Module

One Click from Web to Mobile

With the entellitrak Mobile module, you can instantly deploy mobile versions of your existing entellitrak forms and data elements with a single mouse click. Any changes to the web-based application are immediately applied to the mobile application.

With mobile access to your case management system, staff can keep casework moving no matter where they are. They can retrieve and capture data and even attach documents from any mobile device, protected by entellitrak's role-based security model.

  • Platform independent
  • Single point of administration for mobile and desktop applications
  • Point-and-click configuration

Data Sheet

entellitrak Mobile Module Data Sheet

With the entellitrak mobile module, you can create mobile versions of your existing entellitrak forms and data elements, rather than having to expend time and resources to develop them independently. Users can also capture data in the field so it can be tracked, processed and reported on according to the needs of your organization.

Analytics Module

Self-service Business Intelligence and Analytics

The Analytics module gives knowledge workers accurate information in clear, visual formats so they can make better decisions. Business users can slice, dice, filter, sort, and search from a single page, without having to do any configuration.

The Analytics module translates each business question into the appropriate data query, triggers the query, and returns real-time results with the best matching visualization. Users can add comments to reports and data points and share them with team members to foster collaboration.

  • Natural language queries
  • Drag-and-drop report builder with dynamic drill-downs
  • Intuitive dashboard creation 

Data Sheet

entellitrak Analytics Module Data Sheet

entellitrak charts a new course for business intelligence with its advanced, analytics module.

efile Module

A Secure, Self-service Portal

efile gives external users access to selected aspects of an entellitrak system. With efile organizations can accelerate and improve information capture, better engage external audiences, and lower the workload of internal staff. It can be configured to allow users to:

  • Initiate contact
  • File and check the status of queries and claims
  • Submit documents, make and respond to requests for information, and more

Data Sheet

entellitrak efile (external user portal) Module Data Sheet

Extend the capabilities of your entellitrak system with efile, an electronic submission module that allows external users to file records, initiate processes, respond to your inquiries, and more.

escan Module

Skip the Desktop — Scan Directly into entellitrak

The escan module scans and saves paper documents, faxes, and emails directly to entellitrak, facilitating the conversion and utilization of legacy documents. Scanned files can initiate new case files or processes, be attached to existing cases or processes, or be added to the document repository for later classification and use.

Data Sheet

entellitrak escan (document scanning) Module Data Sheet

Enhance the document processing and management capabilities of your entellitrak system with escan, a document scanning module developed to increase employee productivity and ensure data accuracy.

Time and Attendance Module

Track Labor and Harness Resources

The Time and Attendance module enables personnel to electronically
complete timesheets by tasks, projects, or cases directly within the application. They can also electronically sign and transmit completed forms to the assigned supervisor for review and approval.

This module can also be configured to track and generate reports on
very specific rules and regulations — from governmental guidelines to industry best practices.

Data Sheet

entellitrak Time and Attendance Data Sheet

The entellitrak Time and Attendance module enables personnel to electronically complete timesheets by tasks, projects, or cases directly within the application. They can also electronically sign and transmit completed forms to the assigned supervisor for review and approval.

Customizable Help Module

Enhance the Overall User Experience

The Customizable Help module enables organizations to deliver context-rich information and ongoing training to system administrators and end-users. Through Customizable Help, organizations can publish, manage, and review instructive and assistive topics. This valuable online content can be created and configured to incorporate terminology and instructions specific to your entellitrak application.

Data Sheet

entellitrak Customizable Help Module Data Sheet

The Customizable Help Module enhances entellitrak solutions by delivering greater access to vital information and instructions to end users.

Report Builder Module

Explore the Data for Greater Insights

The Report Builder module enables users to design, generate, and format ad hoc reports through a user-friendly interface. Reports can be based upon any data contained within entellitrak. Once created, reports can be saved as templates, shared with other users, and placed on user’s dashboards. Users can drill down on any metric, data element, or query contained within a report.

Render Reports in a Variety of Formats

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PDF
  • HTML on-screen
  • HTML print

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