A low-code application development platform for case management and BPM

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The only application development platform that has been purpose-built for the public sector.


  • Unlimited registered users
  • Unlimited portal users
  • Predictable pricing tailored to public sector
  • Secure and portable (hosted on-prem or cloud)
  • Prototyping support
  • Off-the-shelf accelerators
  • Domain expertise
  • Federally accredited

Concurrent Licensing

Assign unlimited named users.  In general, concurrent user licensing models are less expensive than per-seat models. Rather than having to pay a fee for every named user in the system, with concurrent licensing the fee is based on the number of users who will be logged into the system at any given time. You can have as many named users as you like, without impacting the license fee.

Concurrent user licensing allows you to pay based on how many people are using your system, not how many people might use it.

Hosting On-premises or in the Cloud

Host it where you want.  For that simple reason, entellitrak has been architected so that it can be hosted on-prem or in the cloud, or to take advantage of a hybrid approach. This is in stark contrast to most case management platforms, which are architected for one environment or the other, or have different codebases for each.

No matter where you host entellitrak, it's the same codebase, which makes it highly portable. If new directives or regulations require you to change your hosting environment, it's no problem for entellitrak.

Public Portal Pricing

Count on flat-rate public portal pricing.  Give businesses and citizens direct, 24/7 access to the services they require. The entellitrak e-file public portal can be configured to enable as many self-service functions as desired, from information lookups to filings and epayments. Move additional services online at your own pace.

Metered pricing based on per-visitor usage may seem attractive, but the cumulative costs may actually deter efforts to promote wide portal adoption. With flat-rate pricing, you can meet the growing public demand for online services at a predictable cost.

Agency Performance Clauses

Ensure your needs are met.  Your organization may have specific performance requirements that fall outside of our standard service level agreement (SLA). If that's the case, MicroPact is open to considering them for inclusion in our working agreement.

Prototyping Services and Support

Experience it before you buy it.  A prototype or proof of concept is the best way to convince all stakeholders — from upper management to frontline workers — that your enterprise-scale software implementation will suit their needs.

MicroPact has always offered free prototyping services for qualified buyers and prototyping supports for our partners. Ask for yours today.

Domain Expertise

Leverage decades of subject matter experience.  Deploying effective solutions to manage complex and variable casework requires years of experience. MicroPact's experts focus on solutions spanning four key domains:

For each, MicroPact has developed domain specific applications as well as more than 20 cross-domain COTS application accelerators that speed development by incorporating proven best practices based on previous deployments.

Data at Rest Encryption

Add an extra layer of security.  Data is an organization’s most valuable and irreplaceable asset, whether it is in use, in transit, or “at rest” — that is, residing in a database or on a disk while not being accessed or moving through a network. Implementing a storage solution that encrypts hosted data at rest ensures data security should any drives be removed, even if an entire array is stolen.

MicroPact is pleased to offer affordable encryption for data at rest to our dedicated hosted customers. Our solution uses FIPS 140-2 validated AES 256-bit encryption on Intel® multi-core processors. Encryption keys are assigned per volume (vs. an entire disk or array) and stored separately from stored data.

A FedRAMPSM Compliant Cloud Service Provider (CSP)

entellitrak is available to federal agencies under FedRAMP via Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) models. With FedRAMP certification, customers can more readily leverage MicroPact’s secure cloud environment to store, process and protect sensitive data, and to develop solutions using entellitrak.

entellitrak is also Accredited and Secure with C&A’s based on NIST 800-53, DIACAP and DCID 6/3.

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