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Facilitating Benefits and Services for Deserving Individuals

MicroPact solutions administer millions of healthcare and benefits cases annually.

Millions. From the fourth largest federally funded entitlement program, down to individual county initiatives.

Purpose-built for the Public Sector

From benefits administration to appeals to program integrity, MicroPact’s COTS case management solutions support the complex needs of both agencies and the beneficiaries who rely on them.

The MicroPact Health, Human Services, and Benefits team includes experts with years of experience aligning the right solutions with federal, state, and local agency needs.

Your MicroPact Health and Human Services Team

Stephanie KuhnelVice President

Stephanie Kuhnel

Stephanie Kuhnel has over twenty years of executive leadership experience across multiple sectors, including public sector, technology, consumer goods, government, law enforcement, and education. In her current position she drives the strategic direction and fosters business development opportunities for MicroPact’s health, human services, and benefits portfolio. Stephanie has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an MBA from Meredith College.

Lynn BornSolution Strategist

Lynn Born

Lynn Born has more than 20 years of experience leading software development teams, including 15 years overseeing development of modular case management systems for the public sector using agile methodologies. Areas of expertise include Social Security disability, Veteran Service Organizations, vocational rehabilitation, and Medicaid waiver programs. Lynn has a BS in computer science from Southeast Missouri State University and an MBA in information systems management from St. Louis University.

Carol HeitlandDirector, Disability Case Management

Carol Heitland

Carol Heitland is a recognized expert in Social Security disability determination, vocational rehabilitation, and worker’s compensation programs. She has over 30 years of experience leading the design, delivery, and support of complex enterprise-wide case management systems in the public sector market. Carol has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Maryville University.

Jeremy JamesVice President, Portfolio Delivery

Jeremy James

Jeremy James has more than 14 years’ experience using agile methodologies to implement COTS solutions for the public sector, including CMS and state HHS agencies. Using strong partner enablement and client relations skills, he has collaborated with systems integrators and diverse stakeholders to deliver appeals case management systems for Medicare and the largest statewide social services agency in the U.S. Jeremy has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Wheeling Jesuit University.

Transformational Health Information Technology

Health and Human Services (HHS) agencies face the dual pressures of rising demand for services and the need to modernize information technology, both to increase efficiency and to safeguard protected health information and personally identifiable information. MicroPact’s secure, HIPAA compliant, entellitrak-based solutions efficiently address a variety of HHS needs and enable agencies to stay current with the complex, ever-evolving rules, regulations, and standards that drive public health programs. They can be used standalone, as a suite, or as case management components within an existing HHS system.

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Enterprise Capabilities: Health, Human Services, and Benefits

Learn how entellitrak solutions enable agencies to stay current with the complex, ever-evolving rules, regulations, and standards that drive public health programs.

Case Management

With its Data-First™ approach, entellitrak is ideally suited for public health case work, whether it involves benefits administration, appeals, or program integrity investigations.

Benefits Administration:

Appeals — entellitrak is used throughout the federal government to manage a broad range of appeals associated with healthcare, public assistance programs, insurance, workers’ compensation, land use, labor relations, and more.

Program Integrity — entellitrak can help Medicaid Fraud Control Units, Medicaid Program Integrity Units, and similar entities manage investigations and collaborate across jurisdictions.

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Enterprise Capabilities: Solutions for Academic Medicine

Medical schools and teaching hospitals are unique, facing challenges that no other organizations grapple with. Like any major hospital they require proven software solutions to manage their diverse workforces and meet their Human Capital Management (HCM) mandates.

Public Health Registries

entellitrak can be configured to track and report information on any number of public health issues, from immunization and infectious disease tracking to medical marijuana registries to prescription monitoring programs, including opioid use. Individuals can self-report their health status electronically via a secure portal, and collected data can be shared in real time among authorized individuals for collaborative analysis, while ensuring HIPAA compliance.

entellitrak powers

Medicaid MES Modularity

Due to recent federal mandates and incentives, states are under pressure to modernize their aging MESs — systems that handle enrollment, eligibility, claims processing, and other functions for huge populations — using a modular, COTS approach. MicroPact technology is ideally suited to fill critical MES gaps with flexible, interoperable solutions. In keeping with MITA standards, entellitrak’s open standards and architecture afford all-around interoperability.

Case Study

Appeals Case Management System

MicroPact and partner VIP replaced 22 separate systems for the California Department of Social Services State Hearings Division with entellitrak. ACMS is one of the most expansive projects of its kind in the nation. This transformation sets a new bar for how public sector organizations modernize their appeals operations.



A Unified Platform That Puts Data-First

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Disability Case Manager

Massive entitlement management. 87% of disability determination agencies in the United States use MicroPact’s Disability Case Manager software to processes non-occupational Social Security Administration (SSA) disability claims.

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