Ninety Percent of Federal EEO Claims Are Managed with ICOMPLAINTS

Functionality That Goes Beyond the Basics

With an EEO program, there's no room for mistakes or lapses — gain greater oversight while streamlining operations.

ICOMPLAINTS modules extend functionality, add flexibility and streamline the EEO case management process.

  • efile module — Enables EEO complainants to electronically submit complaints and EEO specialists to review them before submitting for processing in ICOMPLAINTS
  • escan module — Simplfies the process of scanning, saving, ad uploading documents to individual case files within ICOMPLAINTS
  • Quality Review Management (QRM) module — Runs a Data Integrity Analysis and a Checklist Report on your EEO Form 462 Report to expose which sections would pass or fail if submitted, providing variance information down to individual complaints. Once validated, the completed 462 Report can be generated and submitted through the EEOC FEDSEP portal.
  • No FEAR Reporting module — Provides pre-formatted screens and data elements to capture all required information quickly and produce the No FEAR report at a variety of levels and in a range of formats
  • Executive Dashboard module  — Displays dynamic graphical and roll-up views of case activity, so agencies can better understand their EEO program performance trends

Maintain Compliance

The efile and escan modules help keep your EEO office compliant with federal performance initiatives as well as the Federal Green Challenge and the Government Paperwork Elimination Act.

Take control of your EEO complaint management process. Contact us about ICOMPLAINTS

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Take control of your EEO complaint management process. Contact us about ICOMPLAINTS.

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