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Law Enforcement Technology to Follow the Data

When it comes to public safety and national security, to protect and defend means to track, analyze, and share information. The MicroPact JLE team includes former public safety officers and trainers; criminal, military, and internal affairs investigators; secret service and intelligence agents; and background investigators. They know a case can turn on any piece of data.

Your MicroPact Justice and Law Enforcement Team

Matthew MontgomerySenior Business Development Executive – Justice & Law Enforcement

Matthew Montgomery

Kathryn JonesCustomer Success Strategist

Kathryn Jones

Kathryn Jones joined MicroPact shortly after retiring from the U.S. Department of Transportation, Office of Inspector General where she served as Special Agent-in-Charge in the Washington Regional Office. In 2014 her team received the Gaston L. Gianni, Jr. Better Government Award from CIGIE, in recognition of exceptional achievement in the investigation and deferred prosecution of the Toyota Motor Company. Jones has also worked as a background investigator. She has a bachelor’s in criminology from the University of Maryland and a master’s in administration from Central Michigan University.

Skip BlandBusiness Development Executive

Skip Bland

With over 23 years of practical management experience, Skip Bland has a deep understanding of national security issues and complex criminal and counterintelligence operations and special projects.  Bland has helped organizations consistently stay compliant with CJIS and NIBRS certifications as well as develop enhanced capabilities in law enforcement case management and operational initiatives. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology from Saint Leo College and a master’s degree in Intelligence Management from University of Maryland University College.

Criminal Justice

Criminal justice systems are large and sprawling – from incident management and investigations to prosecution, court administration, and corrections. MicroPact has the expertise to connect the dots across a single platform, so first responders can share secure access to the same information as parole officers — and every authorized stakeholder in between.

entellitrak can provide end-to-end case and records management across an entire criminal justice system. Alternatively, individual communities can configure it to fill gaps or address discrete needs, while retaining existing applications that still do the job. 


CJIS Brochure

Learn how an entellitrak-based CJIS delivers agile, affordable case management.

Personnel Security and Suitability

The fairness of background investigation and security determinations relies on the quality and completeness of each investigation. It takes experienced investigators to uncover relevant information needed by adjudicators. The more time they have for this highly skilled work, the better they can focus on eliminating potential threats and monitoring insider threats.

The entellitrak Personnel Security and Suitability solution automates routine steps such as intake, scoping, assignment, reporting, and ROI transmittal. As clearances for positions involving higher security levels add layers of complexity, entellitrak flexes to accommodate additional rules and processes. Throughout the public and private sectors, entellitrak helps organizations vet candidates and monitor insider threats. 


Personnel Security and Suitability Systems

A MicroPact Personnel Security and Suitability System streamlines background investigations and adjudications.

Program Integrity

Audits and investigations into fraud, waste, abuse, and other misconduct are highly complex. Inspector general (IG) operations must coordinate several related disciplines that all work towards rooting out misconduct.

Many OIGs investigate and handle cases at the local level while a central headquarters oversees multiple offices. Without a centralized case management system, this process can be cumbersome. entellitrak adheres to the myriad rules and regulations that drive OIG inquiries in order to support single inspectors, division supervisors, and enterprise program managers.

Case Study

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Background Investigations

MicroPact Global Alliance partner Chainbridge Solutions streamlined the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s onboarding process by implementing the entellitrak-based Personnel Security Adjudications Tracking System (PSATS).

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