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Nobody has deployed more COTS state regulatory software applications than MicroPact

Hundreds. From multi-agency, multi-license to individual boards and license types.

Regulatory Software Applications for Enforcement and Licensing

The MicroPact Regulatory team includes IT experts and former state regulators who have years of experience aligning the right solutions with agency needs. Their knowledge helps us develop the powerful COTS solutions that oversee millions of licensees across hundreds of industries, businesses, professions, and license types. 

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Your MicroPact Regulatory Team

Brad CranfordSolution Strategist

Brad Cranford

Brad Cranford has more than 20 years’ experience improving state and local government efficiency through technologies and business process re-engineering. In his current role as solution strategist for MicroPact, he works closely with agency staff to evaluate enterprise requirements and introduce innovative case management solutions that meet the complex needs of licensing and enforcement agencies. A native of North Carolina, Brad has a bachelor’s in criminal justice from Appalachian State University and a master’s in management information systems from Strayer University.

Jim MacLaggan - Vice President, Regulatory & Human Capital Solutions

Jim MacLagganVice President, Regulatory & Human Capital Solutions

Jim MacLaggan

Jim leads the MicroPact Regulatory Enforcement & Licensing portfolio. He drives strategic direction and fosters business development opportunities, leveraging over 15 years leadership experience working with public sector agencies to identify the right COTS case management solutions for them.

Specialized regulatory software applications

From individual boards to multi-agency, multi-license types, MicroPact offers a range of specialized regulatory software applications for navigating the complex regulatory enforcement and licensing landscape.

  • Occupational and Professional — With automated licensing and enforcement processes, a public portal, and mobile support for inspections, regulators can better protect citizens while meeting the demand for self-service and transparency.
  • Banking and Securities — To ensure the integrity of financial services, regulators need a single system for registration, examination, and enforcement, as well as interfaces to national databases, mobile access for examiners, and online access for the public.
  • Public Service Commissions — From processing e-filings to managing agendas to automating votes and generating orders, commissioners must be able to manage the entire docket lifecycle consistently and efficiently.

COTS Solutions for Every Regulatory Challenge

From umbrella organizations to individual boards,  agencies look to MicroPact for comprehensive regulatory solutions.

  • Professional
  • Occupational
  • Banking and Securities
  • Business
  • Health
  • Agriculture
  • Alcohol
  • Education


ETK Regulatory

ETK Regulatory combines a decade of best practices with the transformational power of entellitrak. Agencies can quickly and affordably automate the regulatory lifecycle, enable online self-service, and go beyond licensing and enforcement.

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VERSA Regulation

An enterprise-class workhorse. VERSA Regulation currently manages over ten million active licenses, supports thousands of users, hundreds of thousands of licensees, and powers more than 30 regulatory agencies across the nation.

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CAVU eLicense

Flexible at any scale. CAVU eLicense is highly configurable – one of the primary reasons that it has been adopted by 39 regulatory agencies across 19 states. With it, agencies are able to keep pace with changing legislation and evolving constituent needs.

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STAR Financial

Fiscal oversight at every step. STAR Financial regulates the highly complex world of Securities (hence the name STAR - Securities Tracking and Registration System) as well as that of Depository and Non-depository Financial institutions.

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Making the highly complex, highly efficient. STAR PSC gives public service and public utility commissions to the ability to efficiently and accurately manage the intricate life cycle of annual filings, and orders.

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Featured Customers

California Department of Consumer Affairs 300+ license types, 2 million licensees

Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies 9 divisions, 135+ license types

Texas Department of State Health Services 250 license types, 1 million licensees

State of Florida Four agencies, 500+ license types, 3 million licensees

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