Case Management Software for Public Service Commissions

Complex Work without Complex Processes

With integrated case, document, and workflow management, STAR PSC enables public service and public utility commissions to efficiently and accurately manage the intricate life cycle of filings, hearings, and orders. 

Information Sharing and Routing

STAR PSC is designed specifically to automate the workflow and communication needs of public service commissions. A single database improves information-sharing and reduces redundant data entry. Filings, orders, certificates, companies, and contacts can be related to multiple dockets, and documents can be linked to the appropriate filing, docket, individual or company. Regardless of how they search, authorized users can instantly access a consolidated view of related filings, dockets, hearings, or orders. 


  • Single enterprise SQL Server database
  • .Net framework
  • Integrated document repository and workflow
  • User configurable forms and fields
  • Dynamic 3-Tier web portal
  • Crystal Reports Integration
  • Microsoft Word integration
  • Interfaces to a wide range of external systems

24/7 Self-service

The public web portal application enables PSCs to have a sophisticated web presence without requiring the skills of a web designer or developer. Via the portal you can provide an array of online services to both regulated companies and the public.

  • Online access to filing status, dockets, hearing calendars, agendas, and orders
  • Electronic filing
  • Notifications of changes to dockets, matters or orders


Flexible and Configurable

STAR PSC can be easily adapted to each agency’s environment, no matter how complex and dynamic the business rules and processes involved. System administrators can assign role-based security levels, define data objects and business rules, and create tables and forms. They can then configure workflows by determining the required steps based on these elements, tailored to specific dockets or industries.

With STAR PSC You Can:

  • Ensure that tasks are assigned to appropriate staff and completed on time
  • Guide users through each step in a process, ensuring that all pertinent information is linked for easy retrieval
  • Modify workflows and their elements as needed, without underlying code changes

Simplify the Information Sharing Process. Contact us about STAR PSC

Customers using STAR PSC include:

North Carolina Utilities Commission

Louisiana Public Service Commission

Oklahoma Corporation Commission

Kansas Corporation Commission

Alabama Public Service Commission

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Simplify the Information Sharing Process. Contact us about STAR PSC.

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