VERSA Regulation

Software for the Largest Regulatory Licensing and Enforcement Challenges

Manage the Smallest Details in the Most Complex Environments

Regulatory agencies are tasked with proactively preserving the health, safety and welfare of the public. Overseeing millions of licensees across hundreds of industries, businesses, professions and license types, requires exceptionally powerful technology.

An Enterprise-class Workhorse

VERSA Regulation is a case management and business process management application for managing the intricacies of approving, renewing, maintaining and enforcing licenses in multi-program, multi-license agencies — the toughest regulatory challenges.

Today in North America, VERSA Regulation manages over ten million active licenses, supports over ten thousand users, and powers more than 30 regulatory agencies.

Oversight from Every Angle

The full VERSA Regulation application suite consists of four components:

  • VERSA Regulation – A fully independent enterprise application capable of managing the end-to-end licensing and regulatory back office functions for even the largest agencies.
  • Online Portal Module – An optional portal providing online services to citizens, applicants and licensees.
  • Mobile Inspection Module – A complete mobile solution for inspectors in the field.
  • Regulatory Analytics Module – A self-service business intelligence and analytics module.

VERSA Regulation’s Powerful Back Office

The back office application’s comprehensive suite of capabilities are facilitated through its regulatory specific architecture — one that has been refined over two and a half decades of development and leverages three powerful components:  

  • An Entity-centric Data Model
  • A Regulatory Process Model
  • A Quarter Century of Best Practices

The Power of Entity Centricity

VERSA Regulation is able to maintain the complex relationships between licensees, other associated individuals, and businesses no matter how many programs and license types your organization manages. All license records for a single business or person tie back to the same record. This entity-centric data model enables your team to:

  • Quickly find all licensing and regulatory data associated with a licensee record and see the interrelationships with other entities.
  • More efficiently and completely fulfill their administrative, legal, investigative and enforcement duties.

Modeled for the Regulatory Process

Out-of-the-box, VERSA Regulation is armed with a multitude of regulatory-specific processes and workflows — best practice configurations. New ones can be added, and each can be further configured to meet your unique needs.

A Quarter Century of Regulatory Best Practices

MicroPact has been assisting regulatory agencies for more than 25 years. Our experience frees up your staff, accelerates implementations, and leads to better solutions.

Tailored to Regulatory Environments

  • Professional 
  • Occupational 
  • Business 
  • Health 
  • Agriculture 
  • Alcohol 
  • Education 

Key Features and Functions

  • Continuously Configurable
  • Searching and Reporting
  • Rules and Workf­low Management
  • Inspection Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Exam Scheduling and Management
  • Education and Experience Management
  • Complaint and Enforcement Case Management
  • Correspondence and Document Management
  • More than 40 Standard Reports

A Complete Regulatory Software Solution

Automate critical business processes, streamline inspections, and manage the high volume of administrative paperwork.

By combining licensing, enforcement, and revenue information into a single database under a unified application, your team can focus on the high-value activities that improve public health, safety, and welfare.

Open, Accessible, Secure Technology

  • Section 508 compliant
  • Platform Independent
  • Built to Open Standards
  • Java Based
  • Role-based Security Model
  • Hosted on-premise or in the Cloud

Take control of Regulatory Enforcement and Licensing. Contact us about VERSA Regulation

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Take control of Regulatory Enforcement and Licensing. Contact us about VERSA Regulation.

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