Getting On Track Is Easy From Day One

Services to Maximize Adoption and Return on Investment

MicroPact solutions are designed to support your day-to-day operations from Day One, and to evolve with your changing needs over time. For this reason, MicroPact places a strong emphasis on implementation, training, and support services that keep your solution working the way you need it to.


Moving to a MicroPact solution is straightforward and seamless.

Most MicroPact implementations begin in one of two ways:

In each case, dedicated MicroPact business and IT teams will work with you iteratively as the project evolves, with a keen focus on delivering immediate business value. Deploying high-value features first and building on them speeds time to ROI without expending resources on features that may never be used.

The steps for configuring a system from scratch are the same as for an application accelerator, with added time to integrate your organization's data elements, terminology, and user interfaces into your customized configuration.

Application Accelerator Implementation: 30-60 Days

  • A dedicated MicroPact project manager, business analyst, and implementation team are selected to work with you throughout the implementation process.
  • At a kickoff meeting, your project manager presents a draft plan outlining all phases of the implementation, including responsibilities, milestones, and dates.
  • MicroPact analysts assemble, review, and document all requirements, including business rules, hierarchy information, and roles.
  • After all requirements are finalized, your MicroPact team configures your customized solution.
  • Your team guides you through user acceptance testing and any necessary refinements.
  • On-premise or cloud hosted installation and deployment services are provided as appropriate.
  • User and administrative training is provided to your organization.
  • MicroPact provides ongoing support.

Training, Documentation, and Support

When business users feel confident enough to modify and build their own systems using the tools provided, we call that success.

MicroPact training programs and documentation are designed to help you get the most out of our solutions. The goal is to enable users, administrators, and developers to continually and independently use and refine the system to their needs. These courses are appropriate for business analysts, application engineers, and architects.

User and Administrator Training

MicroPact solutions are well documented and intuitive to use. But because your system will be unique to your operations, we offer customized user and administrator guides and training.

MicroPact’s training and documentation specialists work closely with you to tailor your materials and courses to the needs of your organization. Courses can be conducted:

  • At our Corporate Training Center, just minutes from Dulles International Airport
  • At your location
  • Via webcast
  • As pre-recorded computer based training (CBT)

Business User and Developer Training

Level-1 Developer Training is appropriate for business analysts, application engineers, and system architects. It imparts a solid understanding of the purchased platform, along with the essential competencies you need to assess business requirements and to begin building solutions.

Level-2 and Level-3 series training is available once you have completed the previous level. These courses build upon the foundation from Level 1 training to cultivate advanced development skills and best practices. You will learn development best practices for use both within the platform and through entellitrak's flexible APIs.

These levels are required in order to advance to our entellitrak Certified program.

entellitrak Certified Program

Individuals who earn entellitrak Certified badges demonstrate they have the technical expertise and skill to effectively develop and manage scalable application with the entellitrak platform.

The entellitrak Certified program provides:

  1. Advanced Training - These in-depth programs pick up where the standard entellitrak technical training leaves off. A curriculum of instructor-led and self-paced training courses combined with hands-on assignments gives participants the proficiency needed to excel with entellitrak in their work domain.
  2. Certification - Through a series of work product assignments and skill assessments, the program validates that developers have the requisite skills to architect, develop, deploy, and administrate entellitrak successfully.
  3. Continuous Education - To keep their skills current on subsequent releases, entellitrak Certified individuals can access software updates and release notes via the entellitrak Developer Community and take virtual learning modules about each release via MicroPact's LMS portal.

Annual Support and Upgrade Subscriptions

MicroPact offers Standard, Gold, and Platinum support packages that can be tailored to your needs. All levels include these services:

  • Technical support M-F, 7am to 8pm ET via email and toll-free number
  • Access to MicroPact’s OPTICS ticketing system
  • Access to MicroPact’s “connect” product information portal
  • Upgrade support (excludes travel costs)