Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Software

To ensure that ADR cases are guided towards mutually agreeable outcomes with the lowest possible cost, and time investment, organizations need Alternative Dispute Resolution software built for ADR case management.

ADR Systems that Balance Flexible Methods with Exact Records

The ADR process explicitly adopts an informal and flexible attitude toward dispute resolution methods and outcomes. At the same time, the ADR practitioner must keep meticulous written records, follow closely defined procedural timelines, fathom various resolution options, and draft legally binding settlement agreements.

By using the entellitrak Alternative Dispute Resolution software, organizations are able to:

  • Better manage and monitor complex and often competing priorities
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of processing ADR cases
  • Foster collaboration and information sharing among multiple ADR practitioners
  • Meet federally mandated reporting and accountability standards
  • Provide visibility into an entire ADR program via a secure, web-based interface

Data Sheet

Alternative Dispute Resolution Data Sheet

Learn how entellitrak enables organizations to meticulously capture data while streamlining the management of workplace dispute proceedings.

Reports Specific to ADR Systems

The entellitrak-based Alternative Dispute Resolution software includes summary reports that can be run by users based on defined roles and access permissions. These include:

  • Ongoing and Closed EEO, Age Discrimination, and Non-EEO cases
  • Types of Dispute
  • Number of Pending Disputes
  • Disputes on Hand, Filed, and Closed
  • ADR Offers and Acceptances
  • Total ADR Closed Case Count
  • Number and Percent of Successful ADR Efforts
  • Time Expended in ADR Efforts
  • Results of ADR Efforts and Associated Costs to Date for Each Case
  • Event Timelines of Active Cases from ADR Initiation to Current Status
  • Status of Cases Initiated in Past FY, Fiscal Quarter, or User-defined Time Epoch
  • Settlement Agreement Terms

Additional reports can be easily configured to match an organization's needs.

Key ADR Processes

  • Case Intake and ADR Election
  • ADR Technique Selection
  • ADR Process
  • ADR Closure

Case Study


In 2004, the USDA went looking for technology that would help the agency manage its complaint cases more efficiently. After researching numerous companies, they chose MicroPact.

Customers using MicroPact's Alternative Dispute Resolution Solution Include:

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Department of Education (DoED)

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