Correspondence Management

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Automate Correspondence Intake. Ensure Timely Responses.

Empower your organization to efficiently respond to incoming communications — so nothing falls through the cracks. 

Organizations that serve broad communities must be able to respond to the constant stream of constituent correspondence promptly and effectively. In the absence of an automated system, the status of communications must be determined through a time-consuming and error-prone search of paper and email trails.

From intake and response development to concurrence and approval, the entellitrak Correspondence Management application accelerator gives staffers insight into the current status of all correspondence, including its location in the process, expected completion date, and expected date of dispatch. In  federal settings, entellitrak supports constituent issue correspondence and oversight recommendations, as well as the conceptual, procedural, and legal considerations necessary to conduct accurate and complete communication audits.

Data Sheet

Correspondence Management Data Sheet

The entellitrak Correspondence Management application accelerator constantly monitors and guides correspondence activities.

Streamlined Correspondence Management

entellitrak automatically manages the receipt of letters, email and bulk mail; assigns correspondence to specific staff members; and generates event-related messages. The solution creates and maintains distribution lists and a schedule of processing events related to specific reports (e.g., communications that must be sent within a specified timeframe). Report data can then be exported into Excel, Word, or HTML.

By using the entellitrak Correspondence Management solution, organizations are able to:

  • Accelerate communications handling and response times
  • Personalize responses and communicate more clearly to customers
  • Improve customer relations
  • Reduce the cost of managing complex correspondence programs
  • Gain visibility into an entire correspondence management program via a secure, web-based interface

Key Case Flows and Tracked Elements

  • Fiscal Year/Sequence Number
  • Action Office
  • Case Narrative
  • Priority
  • Assigned To

Flexible and Powerful

As a fully integrated data tracking and management system, entellitrak eliminates the need to integrate third-party applications through a comprehensive set of available modules and built-in tools.

Customers using MicroPact's Correspondence Management Solution Include:

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Census Bureau

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