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With overcrowded dockets, Superior, State, and Juvenile Courts must be able to quickly review and act on all relevant information in one place.

Comprehensive Case Management Across Multiple Courts

Without an automated case management system, pulling together case records can be time-consuming, especially if documents and images haven’t been digitized. MicroPact’s Court Case Management software solution for Superior, State, and Juvenile courts enables clerks to manage all aspects of court administration across multiple courts. It automates the collection, imaging, organization, distribution, and retrieval of case data, as well as generating schedules, calendars, forms, and reports. A centralized accounting system and database makes it easy to manage collections and payments and search across multiple courts and divisions.

  • Scan, compile, view and print all images for a case or proceeding
  • Search records across multiple courts
  • Generate case calendars auto-populated with filing and ruling dates
  • Create and transmit fi. fa. (fieri facias) and other forms within a case
  • Enter multiple offense counts or apply disposition and sentencing information to all counts with one keystroke
  • Produce custom reports by court code, division, judge, and dates
  • Restrict public view of juvenile, adoption, and other confidential records
  • Email proceedings and notices to internal and external stakeholders
  • Generate and index appellate case files from all related scanned motions, hearings, evidence and other documents

Data Sheet

Court Case Management Data Sheet

Learn how MicroPact's comprehensive Court Case Management solution handles all aspects of court administration across multiple courts.

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Court Management Accounting System

With MicroPact’s Integrated Accounting System at the center, the court management applications can be tied together to  ensure prompt, accurate collection, disbursement, and accounting of all court transactions.

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Magistrate Court Case Management

Step-by-step e-Filing and e-Payment. Issue Warrants on Demand. Create Summonses, Bonds and Notices within a Case. Generate Hearing Schedules and Calendars. Compile and Transmit Proceedings. 

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Probate Court Case Management

Estates, Conservatorships, Guardianships, and Trusts. Marriage, Birth, and Death Certificates.  Indexing, Reporting, Digital Imaging.

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Land Records Management

Online Self-service Access to Public Land Records. e-Filing and e-Payment. Electronic File Stamp with Associated Taxes. Current and Historical Indexing Services. Certified GSCCCA Indexing Vendor.

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Traffic Management

Manage Large Citation Volume with Ease. Import Tickets from Law Enforcement and Auto-calculate Fines. Accept Online Payments and Auto-report to Other Agencies.

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Jury Management

Random Source List, Pool, and Panel Generation. Barcode Juror Check-in, Custom Summons and Forms, Digital Imaging. Check Printing and Bank Reconciliation.

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Board of Equalization

Digitally Prepare Case Files. Generate Hearing Date and Calendars. Track Board Member Qualifications, Activity, and Payments. 

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