Disability Case Management

Cleaner Claims Adjudication. Better Quality of Life.

Individuals with disabilities want to live as independently as they can. Getting benefit payments into their hands is the single best way that benefits programs and entitlement programs can help make the lives of deserving claimants lives less challenging. 

Automate All Aspects of Disability Case Management

Most disability benefits and entitlement program administrators grapple with unmanageable backlogs and wait times, causing costly delays. Staff must do everything they can to reduce the volume of re-opened, re-filed, and reconsidered cases. Automating the end to end claims management process helps ensure that cases are adjudicated right the first time.

For more than 30 years, MicroPact’s comprehensive Disability Case Manager solution has been used by benefits programs and entitlement programs nationwide to manage millions of Social Security and other disability claims submissions annually. It tracks cases from receipt through adjudication to disposition, ensuring that claims are processed quickly and cleanly. Authorized users can view all recorded activity. The end result? Beneficiaries receive their disability benefit claim checks sooner.

Even at the highest complexity and volume, with MicroPact's Disability Case Manager solution agencies are able to:

  • Facilitate evidence collection
  • Optimize decisions based on all available information
  • Reduce overall case processing time
  • Ensure clean claims adjudication
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Data Sheet

Disability Case Management Data Sheet

Learn how 3.8 million cases per year are processed with MicroPact's Disability Case Management software.

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