Executive Task Management

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Organizations need to manage all types of work — from the recurring daily task to a series of long-running jobs that involves multiple parties and comes together as part of a larger project. Managers need to track that work from initial assignment to successful completion while capturing information about due dates and responsible personnel.

Unifying Workflow Management Data

The entellitrak Executive Task Management application accelerator eliminates manual and disparate workflow processes, improves communication, and creates a more effective and efficient organization.

Collecting and managing the data — from initial job assignments to approved completion of those assignments — requires a platform that empowers everyone involved in the work. The entellitrak system allows users to record assignments, progress reports, and task completion. They can also respond to specific action items and send related correspondence. Email reminders help ensure projects stay on track.

Data Sheet

Executive Task Management

The entellitrak Executive Task Management application accelerator eliminates manual and disparate workflow processes, improves communication, and creates a more effective and efficient organization.

Targeted Summary Reports

Numerous summary reports for users at all levels can be run to ensure accountability and effectively track all work that needs to be done.

  • Action Status Reports
  • Performance Tracking Reports
  • Task Detail Reports
  • Task Summary Reports

Additional reports can be easily configured to match an organization's needs.

Example Tracked Elements

  • Assigned/Due Dates
  • Responsible Party/Organization
  • Work Category and Location
  • Related/Associated Tasks
  • Extension Status

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