Federal Contracts Management

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Aligned With Federal Acquisition Regulations.
Configured for Performance.

Effective and systematic contract management is a crucial success component for government contractors.

As organizations step through the process of contract initiation, execution, and analysis, they must accomplish the twin goals of complying with federal acquisition regulations while maximizing their performance on financial and operational fronts. Accomplishing these often competing priorities requires contract management software that can deliver rigorous oversight, real-time insight, and enhanced collaboration capabilities.

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Federal Contracts Management

entellitrak provides a unified case management and business process management (BPM) platform that supports all aspects of the contracts management process.

Support for Contract Teams and Operations

The entellitrak Federal Contracts Management application accelerator facilitates the contract management team's work by capturing all relevant contract data and associated documentation, and making it accessible through individual contract folders. Once established, the contract folder enables team members to manage, track, and report on all aspects of each contract in the system:

  • Customers and supporting vendors
  • Resource allocation, along with estimated and actual resource expenditure
  • Contract status and outcomes

Managers have ready access to all in-progress and completed work, via both individual contract folders and active and closed contracts summary reports. The ability to effectively delve into this information is essential for maintaining efficient operations and for rapidly responding to audits, which can occur at any time.

Locally Customizable Solution

The extent and scope of a contract often expands as periods of performance change, modifications are added, and sub-contractors are engaged. entellitrak supports these changes with a dynamic, adaptive environment that accommodates the addition of new procedures and processes as needed, for any number of contract amendments.

Key Contracting Modules

  • Time module with Deltek integration
  • Estimate to Complete (ETC) module
  • Roles and security management module

Key Reporting

  • Job monitoring and KPI reports
  • Resource monitoring reports
  • Job summary reports
  • Audit reporting

Case Study


MicroPact had built more than 20 internal systems on the entellitrak platform so creating a dynamic system for managing federal contracts was a logical step for the company to take.

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