General Counsel

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Coordinate Complicated Legal Matters.
Guide Successful Outcomes.

Increase communication, glean better insights, and centralize case information, all while dramatically reducing paperwork. 

No two General Counsel (GC) offices are alike — supporting broad mandates they must be able to support all manner of GC activities — everything from litigation to crisis management to complex legal advisory work. To efficiently guide legal cases from inception through completion, GC offices require a unified case management platform that can provide situational awareness, manage correspondence, and empower legal teams to digitally input, process, track, manage, and report on matters in a timely and comprehensive manner.

The entellitrak General Counsel solution enables legal teams to achieve complete oversight of a constant stream of ongoing legal matters. It can track inbound and outbound email correspondence, create an audit trail in compliance with the Federal Records Act (FRA) and Presidential Records Act (PRA), and can be configured to create a “chron” file so that acquiring attorneys can quickly familiarize themselves with shared and reassigned cases.

Data Sheet

General Counsel Data Sheet

As an enterprise case management and business process management COTS platform, the entellitrak General Counsel application accelerator enables legal teams to oversee a constant stream of ongoing legal matters.

Detailed Case Oversight and Control

Designed to manage adherence to strict rules and
regulations, entellitrak provides organizations with the ability to effectively gather,
track and process detailed legal procedures.

By using the entellitrak GC case management software solution, GC offices are able to:

  • Have individual GC components work independently while using a single
    agency system
  • Reassign cases and all associated background material
  • Rapidly determine staffing needs and caseload requirements, preventing critical deliverables from falling through the cracks
  • Create and maintain a detailed calendar of deadlines, triggering event-related notifications
  • Search and report on open and archived matters – including documents that have been OCR’d
  • Amend processes, data, and rules as they evolve
  • Manage system security and user access
  • Gain visibility into an entire GC program via a secure, web-based interface

Flexible and Powerful

As a fully integrated data tracking and management system, entellitrak eliminates the need to integrate third-party applications through a comprehensive set of available modules and built-in tools.

Key Case Flows and Tracked Elements

  • Grievant and Contact Information
  • Event Recording and Tracking
  • Current Status and Impending Actions
  • Supporting Documents, Transcripts, and Depositions
  • Legal Advice inclusive of Versioned Documents
  • Archive/Un-archive Case Files

Case Study

General Counsel Case Study

A large federal agency's legal affairs office had outgrown its ad-hoc case management system and needed a unified case management solution that could handle all types of legal matters.

Customers using MicroPact's General Counsel Solution Include:

Department of the Treasury

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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