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Gather Important Details. Deliver Stellar Customer Service.

Efficiently gather and collaborate on vital data to quickly identify, manage, and resolve issues.

An effective helpdesk operation puts the customer's information front and center so that support personnel can efficiently receive, process, and respond to service requests.

The entellitrak Helpdesk/Ticket Management software solution can be scaled to fit any size enterprise and configured to support all aspects of an operation. entellitrak empowers team members to quickly gather vital pieces of data on each ticket so they can identify, manage, and resolve issues as efficiently as possible.

Data Sheet

entellitrak Helpdesk/Ticket Management

The entellitrak Helpdesk/Ticket Management solution can be scaled to fit any size enterprise and configured to support all aspects of an operation.

Better Informed, Better Workflow

Through entellitrak, support personnel can manage their assigned tickets and collaborate with other team members by attaching notes, examples of similar issues and solutions, and other information. entellitrak improves workflow by gathering status updates on all received support tickets, delivering automatic reminders to support engineers, and speeding issues to resolution.

entellitrak enables managers to view the status of all tickets in the system via a secure web-based interface, so they can analyze and track performance of teams and individuals.

Typical Elements

Detailed summary reports can be run by users based on defined roles and access permissions. Examples include:

  • Ticket Status Reports
  • Assignment Reports
  • Response time Reports

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