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Unify Personnel Data Management. Address Individual Needs.

Securely manage the flow of personnel data from onboarding to performance reviews to separation. 

Successfully managing layers of employee information requires tremendous attention to detail. entellitrak creates a unique case folder for each employee so everything related to an individual can be accessed and managed in one place — improving the oversight and flow of personnel data.

Software Designed for HR Professionals

At a glance, HR professionals can view all top-level information related to an employee, and can use entellitrak to oversee all aspects of that person's tenure — from onboarding to performance reviews to separation. The entellitrak HR software solution also securely manages all personally identifiable information (PII) and is federally accredited and secure with C&A based on NIST 800-53, DIACAP and DCID 6/3.

Data Sheet

Human Resources Data Sheet

Organizations can improve the flow of personnel data using the entellitrak HR application accelerator, which provides one-screen access to all information relating to any employee: from onboarding to performance reviews to separation.

Facilitating Complete Personnel Information Management

With its role-based security model, entellitrak is able to manage team member-specific scheduling and alerts, ensuring that HR program management actions are addressed in a timely manner. In addition, every action taken in entellitrak is captured in a detailed audit log, providing documentary evidence of the effective management of an employee's tenure.

As a continuously configurable case management platform, the entellitrak HR application accelerator enables HR teams to formalize workflows and address events in the employment cycle in a free-flow manner.

entellitrak Enables HR Teams to:

  • Electronically manage all employee information
  • Schedule, monitor, and record performance reviews
  • Oversee benefits programs
  • Identify HR processing bottlenecks
  • Archive signed documents and agreements

Key Case Flows and Tracked Elements

  • Employee Onboarding Process
  • Performance Review Process
  • Separation Process
  • Core Personal Data such as Name, SSN, Start Date, FLSA Status, and so on
  • Supporting Documentation
  • Emergency Contacts

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