Inspector General Investigations

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Inspector General Investigation Case Management Software

An inspector general (IG) needs a robust investigation case management system to examine the internal operations of government agencies, military organizations, military contractors, or civil groups requires a robust case management system. An IG investigation can focus on employee misconduct or unethical behavior; fraud, waste, and abuse; gross mismanagement; procurement or contract fraud; misuse of government property or equipment; or violations of laws and regulations.

End-to-End IG Investigation Process Management

The entellitrak Inspector General application accelerator supports a broad spectrum of IG investigative processes — including case intake, decision to investigate, referral to another authority, and closure — as well as explicit agency, regulatory, and business requirements.

Data Sheet

Inspector General Investigations Data Sheet

As an enterprise case management and business process management (BPM) COTS platform, the entellitrak Inspector General application accelerator supports a broad spectrum of investigative processes.

Centralized Investigation Case Management

Many IG offices investigate and handle cases at the local level while a central headquarters remains responsible for oversight of multiple offices. Without a standard centralized case management system, this process can be cumbersome. entellitrak provides an established case management tracking platform that can be configured to meet specific requirements.

Software Tailored to IG Program Management

entellitrak supports a variety of IG organizations, including those with a single IG inspector, division-level IG supervisors, and enterprise-wide IG program managers. The platform is designed using open standards, open architecture, and platform independence, all of which combine to provide extensibility, interoperability, and portability to any size enterprise.

Key IG Investigation Processes

  • Hotline/Case Intake
  • Decision to Investigate and Case Assignment
  • IG Investigation Process
  • Case Closure
  • Semi-annual and Annual Reporting

Customers using MicroPact's Inspector General Investigations Solution Include:

Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Department of Transportation (DOT)

Corporation for National and Community Service

Department of Commerce

Railroad Retirement Board (RRB)

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