Jury Management

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Juror-friendly Summoning and Payment. Court-friendly Accounting and Reporting.

A defendant’s right to be tried by an impartial jury depends on sophisticated behind-the-scenes jury management. From random source list generation and renewal to juror qualification and summoning to check-in and payment for service, efficient processes can help safeguard jury pools and positively influence juror perception of the legal system.

End-to-End Automation for Jury Administrators and Commissioners

MicroPact’s Jury Management solution enables courts to streamline jury selection and payment for grand, traverse (petit) and state court trials. It uses rigorous algorithms to randomly select jury pools and panels based on judges’ orders. Barcoded summons can be customized with questionnaires or instructions for how to respond online, then mail merged and sent to prospective jurors for qualification. The barcodes can then be scanned to check in citizens reporting for duty and create strike lists. Checks can be issued by day or upon service completion and posted to the ledger.

  • Random selection of jury pools and voir dire panels from source lists
  • Questionnaire response processing and status tracking
  • Barcoded check-in and strike list creation
  • Roll call reports and jury panel sheets
  • Detailed history of juror service and payment, including digital images
  • Juror payroll processing and accounting
  • Reports on jury yield, juror utilization and other metrics

Data Sheet

Jury Management Data Sheet

Learn how MicroPact's Jury Management software streamlines jury selection, summoning, and payment.

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