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Paperwork Intensive. Time Sensitive.

When it comes to property records and real estate transactions, attorneys and other interested parties expect anytime, online access to public land records. By offering powerful document management and search features with secure, online filing and payment options, that’s what land records offices can deliver.

24/7 Access, e-Filing and e-Payment

MicroPact’s Land Records Management solution enables recording offices to electronically scan or import, stamp and index deeds, liens, easements and other instruments, with hyperlinks to zoomable plats and related images. Once in the database, records are immediately available via a public web portal for searching, viewing, downloading and copying.

Round-the-clock e-filing and e-payment options enable closing attorneys to avoid penalties and interest due to mailing delays. Filing fees, transfer taxes and other payments can be processed through the secure web portal, either by credit card or deposit account. Once recorded, filings are transmitted to the designated state records authority. All payments are reconciled and reported through the central court management accounting system.

  • Provide better customer service
  • Generate review via convenient self-service access and payment
  • Increase productivity by redeploying staff 

Data Sheet

Land Records Management Data Sheet

Learn how MicroPact's Land Records Management solution provides secure, online access to property records for closing attorneys and other interested parties.

Key Features

  • Generate receipt numbers automatically
  • Handle online submission of documents directly from closing attorneys with electronic payment via Verisign
  • Manage double-blind data entry processes cross-checked for data integrity
  • Provide true cross referencing with “hot link” to cross-reference documents
  • Access information quickly with standard and “wild card” search functionality
  • Automatically calculate filing fees and real estate taxes based on number of pages and document type
  • Index and scan “non-public” documents for preservation without displaying internally or externally
  • Generate additional revenue by offering your real estate images online

Reduce The Administrative Burden of Indexing Records

  • The MicroPact courts support team includes certified indexers to handle daily and historical indexing, allowing you to focus on higher value activities.
  • You can also use our index to index application to preserve old and tattered index books, enabling you to access records electronically

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