Magistrate Court Case Management

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Magistrate (or small claims) courts are designed to quickly resolve lesser disputes or crimes in which businesses and individuals often represent themselves. A web-based case management system that walks pro se litigants through each step and enables magistrate judges to work around the clock can keep cases moving.

Secure, 24/7 Web-based Access

MicroPact’s Web-based Magistrate Court Case Management Solution enables individuals to electronically file and pay filing fees via credit card for dispossessory warrants, small claims suits, writs of possession, personal property foreclosures, garnishments, and other civil disputes. Magistrate judges can generate and issue a search or arrest warrant on demand from anywhere. Summonses, bonds, notices, and subpoenas can also be generated in minutes from within a case. Proceedings can easily be compiled and transferred to other courts as ordered, and all authorized users can quickly search and access any case in the county. 

  • Create, edit, print, and transmit forms within a case
  • Generate hearings schedules and case-specific calendars with key dates
  • Boost collection rates with convenient e-pay options
  • Scan, compile, view and print documents and images for cases proceedings
  • Index search warrants and set to display publicly upon execution
  • Email proceedings and notices to internal and external stakeholders
  • Produce quarterly reports for case counting and revenue reporting

A centralized accounting system and database makes it easy to manage collections and payments and search cases and dockets by court division, defendant or plaintiff.

Data Sheet

Magistrate Court Case Management Data Sheet

Learn how MicroPact's Magistrate Court Case Management solution addresses the needs of non-attorneys, magistrate judges, and clerks alike.

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