Medical Marijuana Regulation

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The proliferation of state laws governing medical marijuana use has created the need for systems to manage patient and other stakeholder registries. Regulators need dynamic software that is tailored to this unique regulatory challenge and diverse set of participants.

A Unique Regulatory Challenge

While difficult to calculate, an estimated 1.2 million patients use medical marijuana where it is legal in the U.S. — currently in 25 states and the District of Columbia. Despite sharp disparities in state marijuana laws, regulators share the need for a case management system that will adhere to medical regulations, evolve with new legislation, provide secure data access to authorized individuals, and scale to handle growing case volumes. Common elements include:

  • A confidential registry for residents who qualify for medical marijuana use and their caregivers
  • A  registry for physicians who are approved to certify patients for the program
  • A self-service portal for patients, physicians, caregivers, and legal agents 

Medical Marijuana Program

How It Works

MicroPact’s Medical Marijuana Regulation solution is designed to process patient and caregiver applications, renewals and payments while ensuring efficient registration and enforcement. Upon approval, patients can print their own barcoded, tamper and fraud resistant ID cards or display them on a mobile device. Caregivers can verify their total number of assigned patients and plant count in real time. For added verification, the system can be configured to require live scan fingerprints and criminal background checks for patients, caregivers, dispensers, and cultivators.

System administrators and other authorized individuals can continually configure the solution to keep up with evolving legislation — without requiring code changes.

Data Sheet

Medical Marijuana Regulation Data Sheet

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Customers using MicroPact's Medical Marijuana Regulation Solution Include:

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Illinois Department of Public Health

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