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Reduce Press Request Processing Workload. Boost Media Attendance.

Successfully managing the distribution of press credentials can help improve attendance of key media at your events — boosting the coverage and effectiveness of media campaigns. The entellitrak Press and Media Relations application accelerator automates how members of the media can make press requests and can gain entry to relevant events.

By eliminating the need to manually respond to telephone and email requests, entellitrak helps ensure that reporters are granted appropriate event permissions. The platform also lets you manage press/media attendance records and maintain a history of who is attending events — helping you attain the optimal mix of reporters at specific events.

Data Sheet

Press and Media Relations Data Sheet

The entellitrak Press and Media Relations application accelerator automates the way that members of the media can make press requests and gain entry to relevant events.

Detailed Oversight and Management

The entellitrak Press and Media Relations solution includes a variety of email templates that can be configured to send applicants a notice of approval status, alert team members when a new request has been entered, and send approval instructions, such as how to pick up issued credentials.

When used in combination with efile — a module that enables external users to initiate requests, add documents, and track request status via a secure, self-service portal — entellitrak enables reporters to set up an account for their media outlet and submit applications online.

Example Reports

Numerous summary reports can be run by users based on defined roles and access permissions:

  • Audit Log Report
  • Credentials – All Data
  • Credentials Filtered Report
  • Media Guide Requests – All Data

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University of Texas

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