Public Service Commission Oversight Software

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A Comprehensive Case Management Software Solution for State Public Service Commissions and Public Utilities Commissions

Consumers rely on public service commissions (PSCs) and public utilities commissions (PUCs) to ensure safe, reliable, and affordable service from providers of utilities and other essential services. To effectively protect public safety, PSCs and PUCs need a case management system that facilitates every step of the oversight process.

Oversight of Regulatory Processes and Policies

Beyond convenience, public services such as electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, water/wastewater, and transportation can have enormous economic and environmental impacts, especially when something goes wrong. Regulators at the local, state, and national level shoulder enormous weight ensuring these services are delivered safely and without disruption, both affordably to consumers and under reasonable terms for providers. To perform this balancing act, they need to use consistent, transparent regulatory processes and policies, and effectively communicate what they do to all constituents.

Data Sheet

Public Service Commission Oversight Data Sheet

Explore how MicroPact's Public Service Commission Oversight software solution automates every step of the regulatory process for public service commissions and public utilities commissions.

Manage the PSC and PUC Docket Application Filing Lifecycle

The PSC software solution is a commercial off the shelf (COTS) quasi-judicial case management system that automates every step of the regulatory process for public service commissions and public utilities commissions. From processing e-filings to managing agendas to automating votes to generating orders, it enables regulators to manage the entire docket lifecycle consistently and efficiently.

For every case coming before the commission, MicroPact's PSC software solution provides a central document repository and consistent handling process, including automatic disclosure to all interested parties for every ruling. Commissioners can accept or reject submitting e-filings, then post accepted filings on the portal. The system then creates a case docket and mailing list to keep relevant parties informed of docket events.

From there, the filing is electronically routed for review by the appropriate agency division(s), administrative law judge, and commission staff. The PSC/PUC docket is then added to an upcoming hearing agenda, which is published to the web portal and emailed to interested parties. During the hearing, the application captures commissioners’ votes and generates the signed commission order, which is published on the public web portal. Throughout the process, the public can search for and view online existing filings and dockets, scheduled hearings and agendas, and commission orders.

Streamline Commission Operations

  • Increase efficiency
  • Lower operating costs
  • Improve customer service

Public Service Commission Software: Key Features

  • Case management
  • Document management
  • Workflow management
  • Central repository
  • Public web portal

Customers using MicroPact's Public Service Commission Oversight Software Solution Include:

North Carolina Utilities Commission

Louisiana Public Service Commission

Oklahoma Corporation Commission

Kansas Corporation Commission

Alabama Public Service Commission

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