Regulatory Enforcement and Licensing Software

Configurable Case Management Software
for Regulatory Agencies

With tight budgets, regulatory agencies are trying to move as many services as possible online. By automating licensing and enforcement processes, agencies are better able to protect the public’s health, safety and welfare, while meeting the demand for self-service and transparency.

Software for Enforcement and Licensing Agencies

Regulatory enforcement and licensing agencies must be able to track all aspects of multiple related processes — from application, licensing and renewal to complaint, investigation, and resolution. MicroPact's regulatory enforcement and licensing software enables you to set up an unlimited number of license types and configure individual applications, fees, exams, and continuing education (CE) requirements for each. Information entered online automatically populates the central database, triggering required workflows.

  • Licensing - Process applications and payments online, send renewal notices, and track complete license history 
  • Enforcement - Capture case data, record actions taken, levy fines and collect fees, assign cases to investigators, and monitor compliance
  • Exams and CE - Track requirements by license type, enroll individuals, grade exams, record results, license CE providers, and monitor course completion

Data Sheet

Regulatory Enforcement and Licensing Software Data Sheet

Learn how MicroPact's enforcement and licensing solutions enable agencies to protect citizens while meeting the demand for self-service and transparency.

Regulatory Oversight and Fee Collection

The MicroPact Regulatory Enforcement and Licensing software solution efficiently manages fees, fines, penalties, and payments collected as part of regulatory oversight activities, and posts them to general ledger accounts.

  • Automatic fee calculation for each license type
  • Online payment collection processing
  • Interfaces to accounting software and EDI lockboxes
  • Robust audit trail of all transactions

Regulatory Enforcement and Licensing Software: Key Processes and Features

  • Online licensing, payments, and search
  • Complaint investigation and resolution
  • Revenue collection and posting
  • Exam and CE tracking 
  • Centralized information access
  • Interfaces to key agencies and entities

Access All Licensing and Enforcement Information

With access to a single database for centralized relationship management, authorized users can quickly search for and access all licensing and enforcement information related to any contact. Consolidated views display each contact’s activity, issues, and relationships to other records, with links to scanned documents and files. 

Interfaces with external databases and systems facilitate consistent information sharing with key agencies and external CE providers. 

Search and Store Licensee Data

  • Quickly search and find license and licensee data
  • Store images, documents, and uploaded files with license records
  • Link multiple complaints to a single investigation for streamlined resolution
  • Export rosters to external testing services and import results

Customers using MicroPact's Regulatory Enforcement and Licensing Software Solution Include:

California Department of Consumer Affairs 300+ license types, 2 million licensees

Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies 9 divisions, 135+ license types

Texas Department of State Health Services 250 license types, 1 million licensees

State of Florida Four agencies, 500+ license types, 3 million licensees

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