Veterans' Benefits

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Enhanced Reporting Insights. Improved Veterans’ Benefits Oversight.

There are 18.6 million American Veterans of military service. Delivering comprehensive benefits to each deserving Veteran in a timely manner requires powerful, proven, secure claim management software.

Better Service for Those Who Served

The demand for Veterans’ services has never been greater. How many more individuals could you help with more powerful Veterans’ Benefits software?

Effectively keeping up with the demand for Veteran’s services requires far more than a basic case management system. For Veteran Service Officers and Offices (VSOs), not only are there workload volume challenges, budgets are usually tight as well. That’s why we offer ETK Veterans’ Benefits.

Powerful and affordable, ETK Veterans’ Benefits is designed for VSOs. It offers superior searching and reporting, a streamlined user experience, continuous upgrades (including the latest VA forms and interfaces), and is federally accredited and secure. It is a complete benefits claims management solution that has been tailored specifically to support the mission of VSOs.

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ETK Veterans Benefits

ETK Veterans’ Benefits efficiently manages all aspects of administration, from outreach activities and initial referral through claim submission, adjudication tracking, enrollment, and benefits processing.

Future-proof Claim Management Software

With 40 years of experience serving health and human services agencies, including the Department of Veterans Affairs, MicroPact understands the challenges related to entitlement benefits case administration. At the top of that list are the continually evolving policies, procedures, and legislation. ETK Veterans’ Benefits is web-based and updated on an ongoing basis to keep pace with changing claim management, reporting, and submission requirements.

Comprehensive Benefits Administration

  • Outreach Management
  • Initial referral
  • Evidence gathering
  • Claim generation and submission
  • Adjudication tracking
  • Enrollment
  • Benefits processing
  • Post claim tracking

Fully Compliant Claims

Designed to meet the acceptance requirements of the VA and state-run service commissions, the automated forms and letters eliminate errors, omissions and duplicate data entry. Official claim forms and correspondence are pre-populated with claimant information, including the Veteran’s personal information and detailed medical history where applicable. The result is well-developed, fully compliant Veterans' claim processing that can reduce adjudication times and accelerate the delivery of benefits to Veterans and their dependents.

Time-saving Claim Management Features

  • Intuitive, modern web interface
  • Ability to create, assign, and manage tasks and claims
  • Auto-generation of VA forms and letters, including VA21-526EZ
  • Central document, image, and media repository
  • Pre- and post-claim alerts and reminders
  • Outreach documentation and tracking

Secure, Web-based Collaboration

Because the Veterans' Benefits Solution is web-based, any authorized user with an Internet connection can access the system. Access to information is controlled by role-based security definitions. Using a secure, shared database to manage Veterans’ benefits and other services enhances collaboration between regional offices, county locations, and posts by making claim details and other information available online in real time.

Veterans’ benefits software for every role at every stage of the process.

Tailored to Your Needs

ETK Veterans' Benefits is a complete benefits case management system, however some national programs and states require even more expansive capabilities, which is why MicroPact also offers Enterprise Veterans’ Benefits – a fully customizable enterprise-level solution used by organizations such as the New York State Division of Veterans’ Affairs.

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Powerful Reporting Capabilities

Get detailed insights on every aspect of case administration and claim management through comprehensive pre-loaded and ad-hoc reports that you can save, edit, and share.

Customers using MicroPact's Veterans' Benefits Solution Include:

New York State Division of Veterans' Affairs

Buncombe County, North Carolina

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