Vocational Rehabilitation

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Vocational Rehabilitation Software to Help Clients Succeed

In your quest to help people with disabilities succeed in the workplace, how much more effective could you be with a paperless vocational rehabilitation software system that puts electronic document management at your fingertips?

Helping Agencies Deliver on WIOA

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity ACT (WIOA) boosts the level and array of vocational rehabilitation (VR) services available for people with disabilities. With so many clients in need of assessment, counseling, training, job placement assistance and other services, VR counselors can’t afford to waste time shuffling through paper files to manage service requests, authorizations and Individualized Plans for Employment (IPEs).

With 30+ years of experience serving the Social Security Administration and other benefits administrators, MicroPact understands the challenges related to entitlement benefits case management. The Vocational Rehabilitation software solution is designed to efficiently manage all aspects of VR services administration, from initial service request and assessment through IPE development and post-employment follow-up.

Data Sheet

Vocational Rehabilitation Software Data Sheet

Learn how MicroPact's Vocational Rehabilitation software solution enables counselors to efficiently manage all aspects of VR services administration.

Tailored to Your Needs

The Vocational Rehabilitation software solution is continuously configurable to meet the evolving needs of your agency. Using customized business rules and workflow management, the system automates paper-based processes and streamlines every task, giving counselors and other VR staff the freedom to focus on ensuring that each client receives the guidance and services needed to achieve their vocational goals.

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Dashboard-style reporting
  • Standards and Indicators
  • RSA 2, 113, 911, 7OB, and other federal and standard reports  
  • Ad-hoc report writer
  • WIOA

Automating Vocational Rehabilitation Processes

By automating processes, the solution supports collaborative case development and enables VR agencies to better manage their workloads. Features like task lists, correspondence wizards, and built-in alerts allow counselors to spend less time on administrative work and more time in front of their clients. Client-specific information, such as school records, is attached to the client and can be associated with multiple cases, while case-specific documents like service authorizations and IPEs are only associated with that case. The end result is that one large client file is separated and organized to improve the way you manage, store, and retrieve information.

Time-Saving Features

  • Appointment scheduling and calendaring
  • Service plan management and forms
  • Fiscal management
  • Self-service client access

Self-service Access

Because the software is web-based, any authorized user with an Internet connection can access the system. Information can be shared across all regional and state Vocational Rehabilitation offices, their clients, and third-party vendors. Clients can access their cases online to get status updates, schedule and reschedule appointments, and communicate with their counselor. The solution is 508-compliant and compatible with screen reader technologies including JAWS, ZoomText, and Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Connected and Secure

The Vocational Rehabilitation solution is able to interface with other databases, state fiscal systems, and federal systems.

Customers using MicroPact's Vocational Rehabilitation Solution Include:

Maine Medical Services, Department of Vocational Services

Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services

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